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Military - Industrial - Commercial -  Precision Hi Rel Potentiometers Since 1942
Manufacturer of the former Gamewell-Amphenol-Fairchild Line of Potentiometers

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Servo Instrument precision potentiometers have been manufactured since 1942 . The cumulative experience and extensive files of in service data with various materials and models manufactured during that time represents an enviable record of accomplishment.

Salt spray, humidity ,temperature, altitude, acceleration,vibration and shock tests are utilized to prove out manufactured components. Certified test charts to substantiate tests can be supplied if ordered and certified test data on specific models is available. For particular requirements on precision potentiometers and elements contact Precision Sales your Servo experts. Call 610-359-1002, fax 610-353-1674 or email.

potentiometer 911
potentiometer 8w-1248 potentiometer
servo potentiometer 8c

Series 911 Potentiometer

8W Potentiometer

8C Potentiometer

Custom designed potentiometer. Military connector wire leads. Servo mount. Single turn , 1/2" diameter, wire wound element, metal housing. Available sizes : 1/2" to 3 " diameter. Single turn , 1/2" diameter, conductive plastic. Available sizes : 1/2" to 3 " diameter.
potentiometer 8437156
potentiometer 23sc
potentiometer 18w

Potentiometer 8437156

Series 23 Sine Cosine Potentiometer

Series 18W Potentiometer

Custom military design. Single turn, non linear function. Servo mount with gear.
Size 23 . Precision sine cosine, non linear function potentiometer. Servo mount.
5 cup ganged precision potentiometer.ervo mount. Single turn wire wound element.
Precision Sales Inc. is a worldwide distributor and potentiometer representative.
We specialize in precision potentiometers ,custom configurations, wipers and elements and potentiometric devices.

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